~ about the artist

hi! i’m sloan and i am the artist behind nerdy artists! i am a busy bee running all of the stuff that i do, but i love every second of it. thank you so much for coming to visit my website! i really appreciate you coming by to learn a little bit more about who i am :)

i am currently a business student, but on top of that, i post videos to youtube, stream on twitch, and run a digital shop here on this website! it’s definitely a lot to handle but i love being able to interact with the people i’ve met through social media and even connect with some of my biggest inspirations!

outside of school i (obviously) love to be creative! i love graphic design and digital art as well as traditional art in watercolors and printmaking. my absolute favorite way to destress after a long day is to sit down at my desk, pull out some paints or my ipad, and just create while listening to music or watching tv!

if you are interest in my shop, please click here! if you are interested in commissioning artwork, please click here. if you just want to say hi or ask a question, feel free to use the form on this page to reach out to me and i will get back to you as soon as possible!


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