hello friends!

surprise, i decided to redesign my website again lol. i have been thinking the last few weeks about balancing school and what i really want to be creating, and it has lead to some pretty major changes to my website.

the first major change is that i am no longer selling physical items in my shop. my shop is going entirely digital! there are going to be loads of printables and wallpapers and other items available for digital download. this allows me to create as much as i want whenever i want without having to store a bunch of prints and stickers.

that being said, prints of my artwork as well as a bunch of other things are available via commission. this way, i can open and close commissions whenever i need to. using commissions allows me to work closely with customers on a piece or print or any other idea they have!

you’ve probably noticed some other changes, one that might be driving some people absolutely insane. first, let me just say that aesthetic is absolutely a thing, and in the last couple weeks, my aesthetic has changed pretty drastically. no, that doesn’t really excuse avoiding the shift key on the keyboard, but i do think it gives the site a more modern look.

my pink hasn’t gone anywhere, i promise! i still love my signature pink, my headset, keyboard, mouse, phone case, apple watch band, and ipad case are all that nice pastel pink i’ve always loved. my pink camera logo is gone though and it has been replaced with my new lemon logo, but hey, the lettering is still pink! i just really like the stark black and white for the text on my website, but i’m sure you will see tons of pink in the future.

all in all, this redesign is probably one of the biggest i’ve ever done, but i love the aesthetic of it and i am excited to watch it grow and grow. i want to add more photography and art, i want to post to the blog, i want to interact with visitors. i think for a while, i wasn’t proud of where my website was and it didn’t match me, but now, i love the design and i am really excited to keep adding to it!

i hope you guys enjoyed this post, don’t be afraid to click around and explore what’s new, and i hope to be back with another blog post very soon!