welcome to the blog!

hi there! welcome to my blog/journal/writing outlet/whatever else i want it to be!

in the past, i think forcing blog posts x number of times a week was ruining my passion for writing. my thought process is that this space should be a place for me to share freely. i’m sure that some days i’ll want to share reviews for things, some days i’ll write posts to accompany my youtube videos, and some days i’ll just want to ramble on about absolutely nothing.

if it’s been a while since i’ve started my blog, you probably managed to use the “start here” button in my little tag cloud. congratulations, that is the main navigation for this blog! i (try to) put at least one tag on every post to make them a bit easier to find. you can see that some of the tags are bigger than others. the bigger the tag, the more content i’ve written about that subject.

another way to navigate is chronologically through the archive. this separates all of my blog posts by date and allows you to see the title and date of posting. if you’re looking for something chronologically, use the archive. if you’re looking for a specific subject, use the tags.

hopefully in the coming months, years, however long, my blog becomes a place that you guys can get to know me better. i want it to be an extra place to express myself about some of the stuff that i don’t want to share on youtube or twitch. i want it to be full of interaction and storytelling and whatever else we make it out to be.

welcome to the blog, love!


-august 2019