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"Nerd Club" Update

Please excuse any errors, I'm typing this on my phone very quickly. 

So if you've had your eyes on my website or Instagram, you know I wanted to come up with some way to do limited runs for designs every month. I figured it would be enough to keep me creating, but it wouldn't be overly wasteful or complicated.

This was supposed to start in May, but I ended up taking down the page on my site and announcing to Instagram that I wasn't going to do it at all. For a while, I thought that would stay true, but I still want to create something like that more than anything else. I love writing little thank you notes for orders and packing and sending them off myself, and I don't get to do that with Red Bubble. With my paintings and prints, it's not really the same because the sales are so few and far between and I'm just starting my portfolio. 

So I've decided to make setting up this service over the entire summer, designing and testing ahead of the months to come. I'm thinking I'll start opening spots in September, but that could move either forward or backwards. I like the idea of having seperate options with sticker sheets, die cuts, and prints, but I want to offer more designs and options.  

That may mean it might not come out every single month, but I'm hoping to get ahead with designs this summer so I can release it as often as possible. I think they'll be loosely themed around the month, but not in a holiday kind of way as to not exclude anyone. Lastly, it is still not going to be a subscription. I want people to be able to pick and choose each month after seeing what's available because maybe one month you really like the prints but another month you think the stickers are really cute. 

I want to offer a really worthwhile kit with a few different prints and a few different die cuts and a few different sticker sheets instead of just one design. I want to spend time figuring it out and getting everything together and really designing each and every bit. I don't really have art classes this summer, so this is going to be my summer project starting now   

All in all, I want this to happen, but it's not going to without preparation and I think this summer is going to be perfect for getting that all together. I'll be sure to share more both on Instagram and on here throughout the summer to show my progress, and I can't wait to share the end result with you guys in the fall ❤️

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