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Woah, Lots of Changes

Hello chickadee, how are you? There’s spring air outside and warm sunshine and it’s incredible. It’s finally April, and a million things are changing all at once. So let’s go through them, shall we?

First of all, if you’ve been on my website the last few days, you’ve probably seen some pages being locked and unlocked, some new pages being created, and lots of pages changing. My shop is where most of the changes are happening!

I’m so happy to say that I am moving, hopefully in the next few weeks. My roommate and I have 5 showings tomorrow, but we have some applications in already to other places that we really like as well. It has been so much fun to go all over the city looking a different places! It’s also been really disappointing to fall in love with a space and not get it.

This weekend, we are committing to a place, or at least applying to a few more in the hopes of committing, because we are looking to move May 1. Yep. That soon. I’m sure you guys will get a tour of my studio apartment finally as well as a tour of whatever new space we end up in. I can’t wait to pack up and live with my roommates. It’s been so much fun chatting about all of these different elements and this time next month, we’ll officially be roomies!

That being said, my shop is also going through some renovations! As you can see, there is a $1 Sticker Sale going on right now. I’m probably going to just leave that sale going until I move and have a better idea of what the future of the site is going to look like. I’ve also added a link to my RedBubble shop. I’m bringing back outsourcing most of what I sell because this summer, I am going to stop working and get back into school full time (as well as freelancing for my aunt).

Along with RedBubble, I came up with what I’m calling, the Nerd Club. Every month, I’m going to come up with a line that includes sticker sheets, die cuts, and an art print. Starting out there will only be a few slots for each, but as the demand grows, I’ll open up more and more spots! I’ll keep me creating in the shop and printing and packing which I love, but I won’t be wasting my time printing off sheets that don’t end up going anywhere.

Last on the shop front is my original art. I have officially listed all of my original art for sale (that hasn’t been sold or given away already). None of my pieces are very expensive, but I do want to start working bigger once the move happens. I have kind of figured out my style as abstract expressionism, but I’m hoping more free time this summer will allow me to grow and expand that even more.

I’m going to be vlogging on YouTube more and maybe filming covers and streaming on Twitch more and posting to Instagram more and I can just feel that it’s going to be great. We’ve just entered this time of transition that’s been a little rocky and distracting, but I believe the reward is going to be amazing in the end. I’m just so ready to get through this move and to start growing and making Nerdy Artists what I’ve always dreamed it would be.

So I apologize if I’m a little MIA for a little while, but I think it’s pretty justified :)

Also, I thought I’d start putting a song I’ve been listening to in every blog post, starting with the one below!

I’ve been listening to Billie’s new album non stop since it dropped! This is my favorite from it so far! Maybe there’s a cover coming soon?

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