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The Future of Nerdy Artists

Hello there chickadee!

Lately, I've been very absent from social media. I haven't posted to this blog in a month, haven't quite figured out my YouTube plan, and I'm a complete ghost on Instagram. I moved from my little studio apartment in Center City to a 3 bedroom house in North Philadelphia and so far, my experience has been mixed.  

We're not here to talk about that though. Today, were talking about Nerdy Artists and it's future, but just the short term. I do have big ideas and dreams for the long term and I'll be sharing those ideas in the near future, but today, we're thinking short term.  

I came up with the idea for Nerd Club, a tier based shop, so that I could spend the summer working ahead of my releases. I was going to release a set of art monthly and go from there, like a subscription box without the commitment of having to subscribe for months in advance. 

Right before I moved, I also bought my iPad Pro and it's been a game changer. I've been doing all of my schooling on it for the summer and I absolutely love it. I also use it as a planner, for digital art, and for editing! I feel a lot better about how I'm organized, and I'm working my way back into a routine for Nerdy Artists. 

I'm absolutely in love with the idea of having stuff not stay in the shop forever. The idea is for only 20 people or less to have that single item, and then once it's gone, it's gone. Maybe it comes back again in even more limited numbers, maybe it doesn't. 

So, I'm happy to say that I will be reopening the shop once my nannying job is over and I'm starting work on that launch now. I'm thinking about prints and stickers, just like before, but I want to pour more love and work into each one. My quantities will stay under 20 and once it goes, it's gone. 

I want each item to just reflect what I'm working on and interested in at the time, no specific themes or anything like that. I just want every item to be unique and I'm not going to release anything that I don't absolutely love myself. 

There's no date for the launch yet, but I'm probably not going to do it until the middle of July. My job will end way before then but I want to make sure that opening up the shop again will fit into my school schedule. I'm sure I'll post my work on Instagram, so be sure to follow @nerdyartistprints for those updates! 

I'm back, I'm here, I'm doing a lot behind the scenes, but I'll be back with hopefully two blogs a week soon!!

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