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Apple Keynote Reaction 2019

All of you PC users might just want to click off now, fair warning. 

So I just finished watching iJustine’s WWDC 2019  Highlights video on YouTube. As I am writing this post, I am watching the Keynote for the very first time. I have never been interested enough to actually sit and watch it before, despite my love for Apple. 

For some background information, let’s run through the products I currently use. I have an iPhone X, a 2nd Generation iPad Pro with 1st Gen Apple Pencil, a 2015 Macbook Air, a 2017 iMac, and an Apple Cinema Display (yes, I know it’s old lol). I’m an Apple girl for sure. I love being able to do everything on all of the products I love.

So Apple came out with some Mac devices that I found particularly interesting. The first of these devices is the Pro Display XDR. From what I know, it’s been a while since Apple released a monitor, and they came back with a really beautiful machine. It’s 6k, 32 inches, and it rotates between portrait and landscape. 

They also released a Mac Pro, which is going to be an incredible workhorse. It’s a tank of a computer, and the features are optimized for creators, specifically video professionals.  

Lastly, they are updating all of their Operating Systems. There are updates coming for a ton of Apple’s apps, but the most notable changes for me personally are coming to iPad. Multi-tasking is huge on iPad and I’m actually using it right now while writing this post. I love using split screen to write a blog post or edit the website while also watching a YouTube video or reading an article. 

The most notable change I can see is the addition of Sidecar. Sidecar allows users to connect their iPad and Pencil to their Mac, and to use their iPad as a second screen. This means I can use my Apple Pencil in Adobe Illustrator via my iPad. For me, my iPad becomes my drawing tablet and integrates directly to my iMac. 

So I’m pretty excited about these products and you might be wondering why. I’m 20, I’m a student, I live in a pretty small space, and I already have an iMac. I’m excited, because watching this Keynote has motivated me about my future. (No, I’m not crazy, keep reading).

I’m an Apple girl and I don’t think that will ever change. The new products are very pricey and for someone who is significantly further along than where I am, but that’s where my motivation comes from. I want to finish my degree strong and I want to land a job that I love that allows me to advance high enough to justify a purchase like that.  

All of you PC users can tell me how much you don’t like Apple, but for me, Apple is my go to. It would take a lot for me to give up my Apple stuff for the alternatives. Coming from an aspiring artist of some kind, this Keynote gave me a kick in the pants. I don’t know if I’ll be a graphic designer or illustrator or film maker or all of the above, but this Keynote only makes me want to work harder so I can put those incredible machines in my own office one day.  

Sloan Julia