My Ride or Die

This summer, I worked as a camp counselor at my local YMCA. I worked with somewhere between 10 and 20 different people but a few of them I grew close to. They are Joc, Soph, and Jake and they are featured in the photos below. 

I honestly didn't expect to make long-lasting friends over a nine-week summer job but I did and I am going to miss them dearly when I move on Sunday. They've definitely made a mark on who I am now, and who I want to be in the future.

We're all off to different colleges in the next week but I definitely don't want this to be our last goodbye. I want them to visit Temple and I want to go to where they are as well and I never want our friendships to end. 

Thank you guys for giving me some wild stories to tell, putting up with my camera in Ocean City, making me laugh when I'm sad and making this summer one that I'll never forget.