Who Am I?

This week I've been asked by a few people who I am? And how I approach photography. So for starters my name is Devin, most of my closest friends call me Dev, and I am originally from New Oxford, Pa. I am a young Architecture major/ Photography minor at Temple University. My end goal is to express my passion of photography with the world through my knowledge and experiences. I grew up looking at things differently than others. I seem to have an eye for details, like the world was one large canvas and my camera is the paintbrush from which I capture each beautiful aspect of it. Everything I complete is done with a Sony - Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm Retractable Lens or a 55-210mm Lens. 

Everyone has that one thing they love to do, mine is going on adventures and documenting them through photos. From strolling down city streets, to traveling into unknown corners, my camera is always in tow. I like to get away, relax, think, and take in the beauty around me. It helps to remind me that I can create things of beauty too.

My style of photography is known as photo-journalistic as opposed to traditional photography. Meaning that I tend to take photographs in the moment or that are candid, while traditional is more about being portrait oriented. By blending with the crowd, I am able to capture the action as it unfolds – the true emotions, the real expressions, the happiness and joy. Instead of the traditional formal portraits and posed photos, my approach produces a more intimate, artistic take on a wedding. My photos always reflect a fleeting, un-posed moment that conveys the emotions of that day.

That barely scratches the surface of who I truly am, but I hope it has helped to provide a glimpse into my world as I see it.