Why Etsy?

Hey guys!

If you didn't know, we are working on building our Etsy shop and we actually just added another photoset to our collection (as well as the option to buy individual photos). In the past, the only way you could buy our work was through Red Bubble, so why the switch?

There's one very obvious answer to this question. Customization. On Red Bubble, we could control how things looked for the most part, but beyond that, we were very limited. The cost of their items was already expensive and to make a profit, we had to make the prices even higher. Red Bubble is a great way to sell things that are hard to make like shirts and duvets and pillows, but we're out to sell our photography (and our Red Bubble is soon turning into just stickers).

With Etsy, we have control over everything. We choose the materials we use, so we get go calculate the cost and we keep them low considering what you're getting. We spend time putting together every photoset. We make sure that our printer is giving us the best quality prints. We make sure the paper is good quality. Every time a print comes out of the printer, we make sure that it's absolutely perfect before sending it off to you. 

With all of this control does come some disadvantages. Etsy is time consuming. We don't print out the photos before we get orders to keep from wasting paper. It also takes up a decent amount of space in my dorm room. The printer we have is fairly large and it has a space on my desk. We also have a stack shipping boxes (that we'll never order ever again) in the living room because there's literally no other spot for them. It also does take some planning and coordination. We order our materials from Amazon and it often takes longer than expected to actually receive packages because it has to go through the front desk.   

But pro's outweigh cons and Etsy makes it easy for us to do more than one thing. We don't have to just sell prints and we intend to offer more styles of art. We can sell stickers and drawings and paintings and sketches and whatever else we want because Etsy is a platform that's really good at allowing creators to do that. In the near future, we hope to expand Nerdy Artists Prints way beyond just photography prints. 

All in all, we are very excited to start using Etsy to it's full potential. We want to add new photosets and drawings and paintings and even one of a kind pieces to the shop so you guys can always see what we're working on and creating.

Please check out our shop by clicking here!