How to Plan While Traveling

First of all, let me just say thank you for clicking in! Blog posts will now be up every Saturday at 10 AM EST for you guys. We haven't been using the blog to it's fullest recently and I want to share more of my life with you through writing! So thank you for clicking and I hope you'll continue to read every Saturday morning!

So at the time of posting, I am actually going to be on my spring break from school! Nothing is set in stone, but I'm pretty sure my family is going to Los Angeles and La Jolla all the way across the country in California. This weeks post and next weeks are pre-written, just letting you guys know so you are aware!

As you probably know by now, I am an avid bullet journalist. I open my journal a billion times every day, track all of my time in it, and my life is completely organized inside of it. When traveling, it can be a challenge to continue the habits that bullet journalists work so hard to build up. Here's how I plan to continue journaling, even when I'm on the other side of the country!

To Bring, Or Not To Bring (Your Journal)?

So I will not be bringing my actual bullet journal and some of you might be like whaaaaa? My journal is from the Handmade Italian Leather collection at Barnes and Noble and if you've ever seen one of my videos, you know that my bullet journal has taken a lot. I created a pocket in the back and glued an entire sticker book inside and I love collaging in it, so it's chunky, to say the least. 

For that reason, my bullet journal is having a staycation while I go away. Losing my bujo 3000 miles away is way worse than me taking off for a week (which I'm not entirely doing) and I don't want to risk leaving it at the beach or forgetting it in the hotel when we're on our way back to Philadelphia.

Time Tracking

I time track in my bullet journal every single day. Yes, I literally record what I do day to day in eight categories. It makes me more accountable for how I spend my time and I absolutely believe it has made a difference in how much work I get done in a day. I love posting my bujo on Instagram, but having hours and hours of time marked off as "other" is not what I want my followers to see, so I work instead!

Over spring break, I will not be time tracking. I will stop tracking when I leave school and I will pick it back up when I'm on campus. A couple weekends ago, I went home and didn't track at all and I realized that my current key doesn't work for home, so when I'm home, I just block out that time in black and continue tracking. When I come home from school in May, I will adjust my key to work for the summer.

Alternate Journals

I won't be completely without a journal in California because there's absolutely no way I could do that. I haven't decided which I am going to do yet, but I have a couple of options so I can keep writing every day at the very least.

My first option is to use a small dot grid journal that I have. I used to use it to track money for Nerdy Artists but it's much easier to track it online. This way, I can make spreads and bullet journal pretty much as I regularly do, with a slightly modified layout for spring break.

My other option is to bring a regular lined journal. I have one that I got as a gift that I haven't touched, and it would make a very nice travel journal. Instead of really bullet journaling, I would write in it every night at the very least, documenting my trip and adding photos when I get back home.

Both options are awesome in my opinion! It really depends on whether you want to continue bullet journaling in its entirety or if you just want to keep up some kind of routine so you aren't slammed when you come back home.

Travel Supplies

On Wednesday, I will actually be making a video of these pen cases, but I have a case from The Planner Society that I use to keep some planning supplies in. These supplies are the bare bones of what I use and it includes some pens, pencils, erasers, and clips. 

It's small enough to easily throw in a backpack, which is why I take it to class with me every day and when I travel, I won't have to think about going through my supplies and choosing what I absolutely need. 

I also do have a pencil case with the Tombow Dual Brush Pens that I use for time tracking. This pen case might come with me as well so I have a little bit of a range of colors so I have something to add to whichever journal I choose. 


So that's my plan for journaling while traveling guys! I hope this helps you figure out how to continue journaling while you're on vacation!

Also, I hope you're looking to posts every Saturday! I really love writing blog posts and I had a consistent schedule before, but now, I am much more on top of balancing school and business. If you didn't know, I also upload to YouTube three times a week now, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, so you guys get tons of content every week!