I Gave Up Caffine

Hi friends!

NOTE: This post is long overdue and clearly not my first post since moving home. I apologize for the delay!

This is the first post I've written since moving home from Temple! The semester went so so so well and I'm so happy to be able to continue writing, vlogging and gaming with my stuff setup in the attic. I want to do a lot more this summer with Nerdy Artists and having a space of my own will help me do that.

For my first post, I wanted to talk about something that happened over the course of my entire freshman year. In the summer, I drank coffee nearly every day. There was a coffee machine at the YMCA and on Sundays after church, we would always go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and breakfast. 

When I was at Temple, there was a Dunkin Donuts right across the street and I even had a Keurig with coffee K cups. I initially got coffee in one form or another every single day, keeping with what I knew. At some point though, I stopped drinking it altogether. Instead of using my Keurig for coffee, I made tea using K cups. Eventually, I stopped using K cups altogether and I would just use my Keurig to make hot water for tea. 

Initially, I just did it because it was easier to brew a quick mug of tea right in my bedroom and I liked it because the teas I drink are fruity teas. I stuck with it until the end of the semester and I noticed something. My skin cleared up.

I don't have before and after photos unfortunately. but if you know me, my skin used to be covered with old acne scars. I had acne pretty much all the time, but now, all you really see on my skin are the scars from old acne. I couldn't figure out what was clearing my skin up initially but my first thought was actually a cleanser from Lush that basically wipes out all the oil in your skin. I don't use that cleanser anymore and my skin is still more clear than it's ever been.

Now, as you guys read in my Simmer Skincare Routine post, I use two St Ives face washes and a Neutrogena Dark Spot Corrector. As a little update, I absolutely love them and a lot of people have been noticing how clear my skin is as well as how it's so much more even than it was before.

I love both of these brands for skincare, and if you haven't tried them, I recommend! Sometimes the store brands are better than the expensive things you'd find at Lush or any other pricy skincare store.

Giving up morning coffee is impossible for some people but for me, it was just more convenient to drink tea in the morning during the school year. I drink 52 fl oz of water every day, some of which is tea (both hot and iced!) and I have never felt or looked better! If you have the chance, I would definitely try giving up your coffee and soda, even if it's just for a little while!